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9 Reasons Why Shah Rukh Khan Is The Best Dad In The World

Shah Rukh Khan might be great at a considerable measure of things – we, specifically, cherish his intelligence – however the performing artist trusts that what he’s best at is being a father.

He has gone on record to call himself the best father on the planet, and has even said that of all the names he’s called, he enjoys daddy the best. Which is the reason we cherish listening to him discuss his kids – notwithstanding when you’re simply perusing words on a page, you can tell that his face was all lit up when he was talking about them.

1.  He Takes Selfies With His Kids8-Reasons-Why-Shahrukh-Khan-Is-Best-Dad1

Not just does he have a Theory on Selfies (a somewhat genuine one, I may include), yet he likewise brings them with his children.

2. He Gave The Best Lessons Ever.8-Reasons-Why-Shahrukh-Khan-Is-Best-Dad2

“When they were young, I invoked this sense of yearning for learning in them. I made games out of it, always taught them that it is great to just know things. No need to show off. I would go in the whole house and give them 20 questions where the answers would be scattered throughout the whole house. I would do this the whole night and they would be running around trying to find the answer.” 

This is the coolest. LOVE this thought, and the idea driving it: learning since it’s great to learn things, not on account of it’s something you need to do.

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